Sustainable cohabitation between man and nature in Retezat N and boundary communities

Funding: Granturile SEE 2009-2014, Fondul ONG in Romania / 2009-2014 SEE Grants, Romania NGO Fund
Date:Sep 28, 2014



Issue: degradation of the environment

Why is the project needed?
Nature in Romania is facing more and more threats, in the last 20 years. The poverty of the communities around the national and natural parks leads to an unsustenable use of natural resources. Following project implementation, the distruction of the nature will be significantelly reduces.
The communities will earn money from eco-tourism and selling crafts as souvenirs. Protected areas will benefit by work of 44 trained rangers and 15 volunteer rangers. 24 junior Ranger will be trained in Retezat camps. Awareness programmes and materials will bring a better understanding of protected areas importance. 2000 of photo albums promoting Retezat National Park and Hateg County, 1500 brochures with touristic attractions, and other materials will help touristic development of the area. The project is addressed to RRA members, administrations/custodians of 22 protected areas, artisans and local communities, students and teachers from Romania. The Ranger Association of Iceland and RRA will make know-how exchange and will promot natural values of each other country.

Objective: supporting sustainable development and improvement of the state of the environment in the protected areas of Romania, through the involvement of local communities and through partnerships

Results: participative citizenship, efficient partnerships, sustainable development, increased protection of Retezat National Park and the Narcissus Meadows biodiversity, local and national environmental watchdogs activities, development of the Romanian Ranger Association capabilities. Activities: training 44 park rangers and 15 volunteer rangers, eco-tourism development, education/raising awareness, general RRA assemblies, reports, promotion through mass-media, internet.

Target groups: RRA members, administrations/custodians of 22 protected areas, artisans and local communities, students and teachers from Romania.

Beneficiaries: the local community, tourists/visitors, local and governmental authorities, tour operators.

Partner (from donor countries): The Ranger Iceland Association, for know-how exchange, promoting natural values of Romania and Iceland.

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